'Call Her Daddy' Podcast Host Alex Cooper Says It's 'Chaos' Planning Her Wedding: 'I Am Struggling'

The 'Call Her Daddy' star and fiancé Matt Kaplan got engaged in April

Alex Cooper isn’t one to hold back about anything, and her wedding is no exception.

On Wednesday, Cooper, 29, released a new episode of her popular podcast, Call Her Daddy, which she called: “My wedding planning disaster.”

Throughout the episode, the social media personality revealed intimate details about the wedding process, including the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic Alex Cooper at the 2022 amFAR Gala
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic Alex Cooper at the 2022 amFAR Gala

The episode began with a disheveled-looking Cooper sitting in her bathtub with a veil on her head, drinking a glass of red wine.

The Unwell founder said she is “freaking out” and “having a mental break down.”

Cooper revealed wedding destinations she and her fiancé, Matt Kaplan, have previously considered, listing Utah, London, and Tennessee as previous contenders.

When discussing Hawaii as a potential destination, Cooper noted that the beaches are public and she doesn’t want spectators on her special day.

“I don’t need Uncle Marty on his retirement trip in the background snorkeling belly up holding a f---ing Pina colada in my shot. Matt and I are kissing and there’s that guy, belly up, nice little frosted tips, having a mid-life crisis in the ocean. It’s just not what I want,” the podcaster joked.

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Alex Cooper at CosmoTrips
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Alex Cooper at CosmoTrips

Amidst discussing her guilty pleasure of watching other people’s weddings, Cooper noted that she didn’t want “to be somewhere where people can publicly consume our wedding.”

Cooper also mentioned that she has to keep “realigning” herself to make sure her priorities are centered around her and her partner.

“We want it to be somewhere that matters to us and we don’t want to cater to our guests.”

Cooper revealed that she and Kaplan have decided on a tropical wedding but wants her viewers, AKA “Daddy Gang,” to know she “could be lying and this could change in 30 [minutes] when Matt comes home.”

The podcast star went on to discuss how their occupations—Kaplan being a producer and Cooper an entertainer—make it difficult for them to relax, something that is very important for Cooper on her wedding day.

She said her “worst nightmare” would be not being able to spend time with her soon-to-be husband because she was too stressed with entertaining.

“I said to Matt the minute that starts to become our reality, baby, we’re going down to the courthouse," she recalled. "It’s so important to me that Matt and I actually have this day to ourselves. That’s a huge thing I hear from people at their weddings. They’re like ‘I wasn’t even present. I don’t remember if I got to speak to my partner that night. It was all a blur.’ ”

“I am taking all of your advice and I refuse to not be present with my partner. I would rather have every f---ng person at our wedding have the worst goddamn time and Matt and I f---ing thrive,” Cooper exclaimed.

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Cooper also admitted when choosing a destination, she was fixated on what it would look like in pictures.

“I was wedding planning through the lens of Instagram and magazine coverage of my wedding. I was finding things that weren’t even personal to me. I’m looking for a good photo op,” she said.

She continued, “I realized I need to start f---ing practicing what I preach…stop making decisions based on what other people are going to see and the photo. Make a decision based on what is going to make you happy. I’m not going to let myself make a decision dependent upon what’s visually appealing to somebody else’s gaze.”

Cooper said while she may look out of sorts at the moment, she and Kaplan are really enjoying the process.

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She concluded the bathtub segment of the podcast by giving some advice to her followers going through the wedding planning process.

“Try to get zen and actually f---ing enjoy this," Cooper explained. "Because contrary to what everyone writes on the internet and I don’t know if this is going to get backlash for me, I don’t think this should be the best day of your life. I think your marriage should be incredible and you should be looking forward to life, but that day, you’re putting too much pressure on it.” 

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