Call Me a Disco Queen - I Love This '80s-Inspired Blush Contouring Hack From TikTok

Jessica Harrington

Very seldom does a beauty trend that was once hot and absolutely everywhere stay in the past. It might take years, if not decades, but nearly everything comes back eventually. (Except, maybe, stick-thin eyebrows. Those can stay in the '90s.) It's fun to see makeup-lovers on TikTok breathe new life into old trends, including the latest: 1980s-inspired blush contouring.

I stumbled across a video on TikTok that went viral by Alena Giuliani (@alenaavictoriaa) where she was showing viewers how to contour with blush. The technique she demonstrated involves strategically applying blush to different areas of your face to make it appear leaner and your cheekbones higher. It's similar to contouring with a bronzer, except you apply it differently. The makeup technique isn't far off from blush draping, which was popular in the '80s and involved applying blush with a heavy hand to your temples and tops of your cheekbones, as opposed to just the apples like we do now.