Cadbury's Latest Hot Chocolate Is Neapolitan Flavoured And It's Magical

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Cadbury's Latest Hot Chocolate Is Neapolitan Flavoured And It's Magical

It's hot chocolate season, people! Which means we're in for all kinds of hot chocolate launches. From Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombes to Biscoff Hot Chocolate and even Lindt Hot Chocolate, to say hot chocolate is trending right now would be an understatement. Especially when we've spotted a brand-new launch from none other than chocolate giant, Cadbury! And it's not just any hot chocolate, it's Cadbury Neapolitan Hot Chocolate.

Spotted in B&M stores and available for just £2.99 a pop, Cadbury's latest hot chocolate has a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours (just like the classic ice cream), and it sounds immense.

The perfect winter drink, we can't help but picture this topped with a good helping of whipped cream, marshmallows and even some sprinkles. Tempted? We sure are.

Popping up all over Facebook and Instagram, Cadbury's latest launch has been leaving fans eager to try the new hot chocolate. And it's no wonder! If it tastes anything like Cadbury's Neapolitan Chocolate Bar, we're 100% in for a treat.

Big fan of flavoured hot choc? Well, Galaxy's latest hot chocolate is gingerbread flavoured, and it's like nothing we've tried before...

We first heard about the gently spiced instant hot chocolate powder when @johns_snackreviews posted about it on Instagram and revealed that it was available to buy from Aldi stores now, for just £1.99.

And since then, it's all we've been thinking about.

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