Cadbury's Brand-New Mini Rolls Flavour Look Utterly Delicous

Chocolate and orange is an elite flavour combination that, in our eyes, will never get old.

That's why we were pleased as punch when a new chocolate orange flavour of the iconic Cadbury Mini Rolls was spotted in shops.

Instagram account @newfoodsuk spied the new Mini Rolls in Morrisons, and it is truly exciting news that this new flavour is available right now!

Alongside the new chocolate orange flavour comes the return of mint flavoured mini rolls, which for fans of minty chocolates like After Eights, Matchsticks and Aero that is brilliant news.

Commenters were thrilled, saying that they'd be getting to the shops stat to pick some up. Some even said that Mini Rolls were "amazing out of the freezer", which is a trick we'll absolutely have to try.

It's not the first time Cadbury has veered away from the classic Mini Roll into extra flavourings, with a pair of ice cream inspired Mini Rolls - mint choc chip and Neapolitan - back in 2o21.

It seems Cadbury's been busy this month (it is the run up to Easter, after all) with the release of a brand new flavour for its classic Dairy Milk range.

The new Cadbury Dairy Milk Salted Caramel flavour is available in both sharing bars and Nibbles form, and it sounds totally dreamy.

On the Easter egg front, a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunky Egg is also new for 2023. The new egg features an extra thick chocolate shell that is pretty much how all Easter eggs should be made from now on, to be honest.