Cadbury Is Launching A Competition To Find Golden Creme Eggs

Anna Lewis
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From Delish

Halloween has just happened, Thanksgiving is around the corner, Christmas is still technically a while off, then we have Valentine’s Day, Burns Night and Shrove Tuesday. But, by all means, Cadbury, let’s talk about Easter, shall we?!

According to reports, Cadbury is launching a competition at the end of the year for chocolate fans to find golden Creme Eggs to mark the 50th anniversary of that tasty egg. And if you find one of these little beauties, you could win a number of amazing prizes. As if finding a glistening, golden Creme Egg wasn’t already enough of a wonderful prize!

From 26th December, 200 golden Creme Eggs will be up for grabs, and prizes for finding one of these elusive eggs include cash prizes, including a top prize of £5,000. Just think how many Creme Eggs you could buy with that…

We heard the news on Instagram when Sweet Reviews UK shared a post about the exciting competition. The caption reads: “2021 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Cadbury Creme Egg! 🥳🥳

“To celebrate Cadbury are launching a competition for fans to find Golden Creme Eggs! There will be 200 Golden Eggs up for grabs.

“Launching on 26th December, the competition will offer Creme Egg hunters the chance to win cash prizes, including a top prize of £5,000, by finding a Golden Creme Egg from their local store.

“Honestly, we didn't even need a excuse to eat loads of Cadbury Creme Eggs! 🤣”

I hear that.

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