Cadbury Conforms That Orange Twirls Are Here To Stay!

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

In August 2019, UK fans were told they could finally get their hands on Cadbury Orange Twirls for the first time! They’d been around in Australia for a while, but never had us lot had a chance to pick one up in UK stores.

But alas, it wasn’t all plain sailing… these orange chocolate treats were only set to be around for a limited time, and were so popular, fans were constantly reporting that their local corner shop or supermarket had sold out.

Dark days, guys. Dark days.

So, when we saw reports that those Cadbury zesty chocolatey treats are sticking around, we were beside ourselves! That’s right – Orange Twirls have been made a permanent fixture in Cadbury’s chocolate portfolio.

Cadbury has now confirmed the news; making us just about the happiest chocolate-munchers in town!

There are going to be so many people ecstatic to hear this news. In August, Cadbury announced that after the limited run of these Orange Twirls had been such a success, that they were coming back again for a short time. And knowing full well the demand for more would be high, Cadbury set up a pre-sale. And yes, it went bonkers.

But now, we don’t have to worry about any of this. We can stuff our faces with Orange Twirls all day, every day. Thanks, Cadbury.

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