Cadbury Is Hiding A Load Of ‘Half And Half’ Creme Eggs Worth £10,000 Across The UK

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Right. Seeing as Christmas is over, we might as well start getting riled up for Easter, right? Lord knows we need something to look forward to…

Knowing we all need a bit of a boost after another crummy Christmas, Cadbury has announced that it will be hiding a load of very special Creme Eggs in stores across the UK. So, we guess you’re wondering what’s so special about these chocolate eggs? Well, firstly, they’re half and half aka, they’re half Cadbury Dairy Milk and half Cadbury’s iconic white chocolate. But that’s not it…if you find one of these rare eggs, it could be worth £10,000.

Cadbury’s How Do You Not Eat Yours competition puts Brits’ willpower to the test, because to claim the cash prize of up to £10,000, fans need to keep their winning egg intact, resisting every urge to eat it.

There are only six eggs worth £10,000. These will be hidden in Asda, Co-op, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and other independent stores.

Then there will be three eggs worth £5,000 on sale in Waitrose, One Stop and Booker. And finally, four eggs worth £1,000 will be sold across Iceland and Booths stores.

Lyndsey Homer, Brand Manager for Cadbury Creme Egg, said: “When we celebrated our Golden Goobilee last year, we were absolutely blown away by the response to our golden eggs and this year, we wanted to continue that buzz in true Creme Egg fashion. We’ve flipped our iconic ‘How Do you Eat Yours?’ tagline on its head, challenging our fans to resist the temptation of the nation’s favourite gooey chocolate egg in order to collect their prize. Not only that, but we have doubled the potential prize offering and our team have taken the care to individually hand-dip these absolutely delicious half white and half milk chocolate Creme Eggs.”

Photo credit: Cadbury
Photo credit: Cadbury

If you’re lucky enough to find one of the winning half-and-half Cadbury Creme Eggs, here are the four steps to claim the prize:

  • Step 1. Unwrap a Creme Egg to see if you have a half-and-half egg

  • Step 2. If you have a winning egg, resist the urge to take a bite

  • Step 3. Call the phone number (during office hours only) that is printed on the ticket under the foil on the winning egg to find out how to claim your prize. Keep this ticket as we will require it to validate your claim

  • Step 4: When you call, you will be asked to answer a series of verification questions including the unique code on the ticket, the retailer it was purchased from, plus the date and location of purchase.

The in-store promotion will run from now until 17 April 2022. For more information and full terms and conditions, visit Cadbury’s website.

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