Cadbury Finally Explains Why Twirls Aren’t Just Flakes Covered In Chocolate

Anna Lewis
·1-min read
Photo credit: @thegoosefighter
Photo credit: @thegoosefighter

From Delish

We recently had to question everything we thought we knew about Cadbury chocolate. Why? Well, because thanks to someone on the internet, we started wondering if Cadbury Twirls were in fact just Cadbury Flakes covered in chocolate.

Surely not.


TikTokker @thegoosefighter posted a video which claimed that a Twirl and a Flake are basically just the same thing. In the video, he points to both chocolate bars and says five words that will haunt us forever: “They’re the same thing, man.”

But here’s the thing – turns out a lot of people have thought this for years! Comments on @goosefighter’s video include, “In other news… water is wet and fire is warm! Everyone already knows this.”

Luckily, Cadbury has now set the record straight. A Cadbury rep told The Metro, “Both Cadbury Twirl and Cadbury Flake bars are made with the Cadbury chocolate that we all know and love.

“We can confirm they are not one and the same, how each of them are made is a secret though, known only to our brilliant chocolate makers.”

So there you have it. Phew.

Also, not that we need more validation, but another comment on the TikTok helped confirm that Flakes and Twirls are totally different: “You can melt Twirl. But you can’t melt Flake. It’s a completely different type of chocolate.”

That’s true: you really can’t melt a Flake.

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