Cadbury’s Festive Mini Eggs Have Candy Cane Pieces Stuffed Inside

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Cadbury’s Festive Mini Eggs Have Candy Cane Pieces Stuffed Inside

Christmas is well and truly upon us, which can mean only one thing (well, it actually means loads of things, but right now we’re focussing on this one thing, okay?), and that’s festive chocolate!

We’ve already been introduced to Cadbury’s Christmas 2021 range, but now there’s an extra Cadbury chocolate treat to stuff into a loved one’s stocking/your own gob.

Thanks to @kevssnackreviews, we now know that Cadbury has taken its love of all things Mini Eggs and given them a Christmas makeover.

Cadbury Mini Eggs with a candy cane centre exist, and they’re what we’d imagine would happen if Easter and Christmas had a baby!

Like original Cadbury Mini Eggs, these chocolate eggs are made up of a hard candy shell, but instead of the middle just being Cadbury milk chocolate like its Easter cousins, this festive version has bits of broken up candy canes incorporated too!

Now then… there’s good news and bad news when it comes to these tasty treats. The good news is they exist, the bad news is they’re not a UK product. This means you can’t get them in your regular chocolate-buying spots like the newsagents or supermarket. But instead, you have to order them online.

GB Gifts is currently selling the Cadbury Candy Cane Mini Eggs for £9.99 for a 190g bag.

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