Another Cadbury's Favourites Box Has Been Spotted, And This Time It Includes Caramilk

Marianna Gould
·2-min read
Photo credit: Kev's Snack Reviews
Photo credit: Kev's Snack Reviews

From Delish

'Tis the season for all things chocolate. Especially brand-new chocolate, that us Brits have never seen before. You know, like boxes of Cadbury Favourites jam-packed with Dream Bars, Fry’s Turkish Delights, Picnic Bars and more.

Yup, thanks to budget retailer, B&M, we can now get our hands on a box of Cadbury Favourites for just £4. But you'll need to be quick, we're convinced they're going to sell out!

Featuring the much-missed, discontinued Dream Bar, this chocolate box is already going down a treat with fans. Our buddy, Kev's Snack Reviews, posted a shot of the new product on his Instagram, leaving people eager to try the new selection.

As well as some old favourites, the box comes with a variety of classics including Crunchie, Dairy Milk and Flake. It's fair to say there's something for everyone in this selection!

(We're calling dibs on the Dream Bar, though!)

What's more, ANOTHER Cadbury's Favourites box has been spotted, and this time it's a special Kiwi Edition. Available online via GB Gifts, the selection box comes with Chocolate Fish, Chew, Buzz, Moro, Caramello, Perky Nan, Moro Gold and...Caramilk. Yup, mini golden bars of Caramilk.

In other chocolate news, have you seen the new Milkybar White Hot Chocolate? Spotted on Kev's Snack Reviews Instagram page, the new hot chocolate is described as having a very sweet and creamy flavour, distinctive of a Milkybar chocolate (er, duh). And like all instant hot chocolates, it's so easy to make. You simply add warm milk to the powder, and et voila! You've got yourself an indulgent mug of Milkybar White Hot Chocolate.

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