A Cadbury Dairy Milk Boost Bar Exists And You Can Buy It In The UK

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: GB Gifts
Photo credit: GB Gifts

From Delish

Last week, we wrote about Boost ice creams being available in the UK. And maybe I’m hugely biased because, in my personal opinion, Cadbury’s Boosts are the greatest chocolate bars, nay, the greatest food known to man. So to get to write about another Boost-based product is truly an honour.

Right, back to business… did you know that a Cadbury Dairy Milk Boost bar exists?

The lovely slab of milk chocolate features “choc flavoured crème, smooth flowing caramel and biscuit pieces”.

The bar is originally from Australia, but praise be, us Brits can purchase one from good old GB Gifts.

Photo credit: GB Gifts
Photo credit: GB Gifts

Buy now!

The 160g bar costs £6.99, which might seem a little steep for a chocolate bar, but remember it’s coming all the way from the other side of the world, and that trip ain’t cheap.

Back to the Boost Fully Loaded ice cream sticks for a second, the four-packs have been spotted in Tesco recently.

Instagram account FoodReviewUK found them in the freezer aisle, and posted a photo saying: “Errrr not sure if these Boost ice creams are new 🍫🍦 they were labelled as such but seemed familiar.”

The Cadbury website describes the ice creams as, “Chocolate ice cream with toffee sauce, caramel pieces and digestive crumble covered in Cadbury milk chocolate.”

Boost bars and ice creams for everyone!

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

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