Cadbury Crunchie Mini Eggs Exist And They Look Delicious

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: GB Gifts
Photo credit: GB Gifts

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The best thing about Easter has to be all the mini eggs that suddenly come to our attention. Yeah, we love the big Easter eggs, but there’s just something nice about mini eggs. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re just so damn cute!

This leads me neatly into my next point: Cadbury Crunchie mini eggs exist, and they look like the tastiest little eggs I’ve ever laid my eye on.

They’re described as being “delicious milk chocolate Easter eggs with golden honeycomb Crunchie pieces.” How glorious.

The Crunchie mini eggs are usually only available in Australia, but thanks to GB Gifts, which imports sweets, snacks and other lovely bits from around the world, you can now get stuck into them here in the UK.

Annoyingly, the Crunchie mini eggs aren't on sale just yet, but they are coming soon to GB Gifts, so you’ll be able to order them real soon.

Anyone else just going to keep hitting 'refresh' for the foreseeable future?

GB Gifts is also due to get more Caramilk mini eggs in, which also look like a dream come true.

Yup, the delicious Cadbury’s caramelised white chocolate comes in teeny-tiny egg-form and it’s so egg-citing (sorry not sorry).

Photo credit: GB Gifts
Photo credit: GB Gifts

We get the feeling Easter 2021 is going to be a good one. God knows, it needs to be...

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