Cadbury Crispello Bars Are Bing Sold In The UK And We Want To Eat Every Last Bar

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It’s been a busy time for Cadbury announcements. Earlier today, we broke the exciting news that Cadbury Dairy Milk Brownie Bites are on sale in Asda and Tesco stores, and they’re GODDAMN DELICIOUS.

And now we get to tell you about a very exciting Cadbury chocolate bar that you can now buy in the UK.

Have you ever had a Cadbury Crispello chocolate bar? If you have, you’ll know that they’re super-creamy but also super-crispy (which is one hell of a combination. And if you haven’t, may we suggest you get one ASAP. Well, when we’ve actually told you where you can buy one from…

Cadbury Crispello bars are smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate stuffed full of crispy, crunchy puffed rice aka Rice Krispies. See what I mean about them being creamy and crispy now?

Cadbury Crispello bars have been around for a while, but mostly in other countries. So, now that we know we can buy them in the UK, it’s all too exciting.

We found out this wonderful news when @newfoodsuk shared a post on Instagram; saying they’re on sale in Heron Food stores. And a bar will set you back just 59p. Bargain!

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So, you’re into Cadbury chocolate, are you? Well, then you’ll also be interested to hear about this year’s Dairy Milk Inventor flavours.

First up is Fizzing Cherry, which is made up of milk chocolate with soft chews of fruity cherry pieces, tingling cracking popping candy and biscuit pieces.

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The next bar going for the crown is Banoffee Nut Crumble. This bar is milk chocolate (obvs) with banoffee pie inspired fudge pieces, golden almond caramel pieces and crunchy biscuits.

And finally, we have No Frownie Brownie (lol), which is milk chocolate with gooey chocolate brownie chunks, golden salted caramel chips and crumbly biscuits.

What a time to be a Cadbury chocolate fanatic, eh?

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