Cadbury’s Chocolate Puds Are Back And We Could Not Be More Excited

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Is it too soon to start talking about Christmas chocolate? Admittedly, we’re still praying for a return of summer 2021, but it’s looking less and less likely as time goes on, so let’s just move on to Christmas, shall we?

The reason we’re talking about Christmas chocolate is that we’ve spotted that Cadbury Chocolate Puds have made a very welcome return to our lives!

You remember Cadbury Chocolate Puds, right? They were around when we were kids, and if you were lucky, you’d find one right at the bottom of your Christmas stocking. Good times.

The Puds, which consist of a super-tasty truffle centre of hazelnut and crispy rice pieces, disappeared from shops in 2003. No idea why – we thought they were da bomb.

But, yeah, the good news is that they’re back to make Christmas 2021 a damn sight better than last year’s festive season. The less said about that, the better.

But that’s not all – as well as the original flavour, for 2021, Cadbury is releasing a Winter Orange flavour. Erm, YUM!

We’ve not come across any of the Winter Orange flavoured Cadbury Chocolate Puds yet, but shoppers are starting to come across the original ones in B&M stores across the country, and they’re 50p a go!

Race you to B&M…

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