New c2c 'police' train running through south Essex stations - here's why

New c2c 'police' train running through south Essex stations - here's why <i>(Image: c2c)</i>
New c2c 'police' train running through south Essex stations - here's why (Image: c2c)

c2c has launched a new train running to Southend - wrapped in support of a police force's app.

The train, which features eye-catching graphics promoting the app including a QR code to scan to download, is now in passenger service running along the popular London to Southend route.

The Railway Guardian app is a safety tool allowing passengers to discreetly report crimes and concerns on trains or at stations.

Contact handlers review reports in real time and, where necessary, officers are deployed. Officers may meet the train at the next station and speak to station staff to gather intelligence.

Where an officer deployment has not occurred, the force may still record intelligence from the report.

The app also sets out examples of unacceptable behaviours and how witnesses can help.

c2c’s new train is designed to promote the app and encourage more passengers to download and use it.

The train features the Railway Guardian app logo and a clear call-to-action inviting passengers to download the app and help keep the railway safe.

c2c’s head of revenue protection and security, Iain Palmer said: “The safety and security of our customers is our top priority. By promoting the BTP’s Railway Guardian app in such an eye-catching way, we hope to encourage more passengers to play an active role in keeping the railway safe and secure.

“This project also helps to further cement our partnership working with the British Transport Police. Since its launch, we have encouraged more than 500 people to download this at our Safeguarding and Security events. Having the app so visible on a train, I hope we can encourage this number to grow even further. Having used it myself, it's well designed and easy to use, and I would urge everyone to download it.”

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British Transport Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Nia Mellor said: “Whether you see it or experience it, you can report any type of behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable.

"Sadly, incidents such as sexual harassment often take place in front of other passengers. If you see this type of behaviour, you can help by reporting it to British Transport Police.

"Remember that what feels like a small action can make a big difference.

"Download Railway Guardian and become part of the community keeping the rail network safest for everyone.”

Railway Guardian can be downloaded onto any device via the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. Follow the link or scan the QR code attached to download at