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'Bye-bye, flakes': This fan-favorite scalp massager is down to just $7

This gizmo can help soothe your dry, flaky, itchy scalp — and it's nearly 40% off.

Nobody likes having a dry scalp: the itching, the scratching, the flaking, the people you're next to sidling away in fear that you've got fleas (or worse). If your scalp needs a little TLC — you may want to click over to Amazon and pick up the Heeta Scalp Massager. So far, more than 114,000 people have given it a five-star rating, saying it helps with oil control, shedding and dandruff. Curious? It's down to just $7 right now.

Reviewers say this gizmo helps combat everything from shedding to oiliness to dry scalp.

$7 at Amazon

Thanks to Amazon, this scalp brush is at the lowest price ever — almost 40% off. Not only will it help get rid of the flakes, but it'll also enhance your shower time, making it more of a spa-like experience. You'll no longer be singing the blues in the shower (but do feel free to sing some show tunes).

The Heeta is made with soft silicone "bristles" attached to an ergonomically designed handle. It promises a deep clean, gently exfoliating your scalp without scratching it, and it works on nearly all hair textures and lengths. You can use it in the shower to apply shampoo, of course, but you can also use it on dry hair to give yourself a soothing scalp massage anytime.

Lightweight and affordable, this scalp massager fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to travel. It comes in a ton of different colors (the price varies depending on your selection), so it's a cinch to find an option you'll love — but customers are smitten for myriad other reasons, too. "Life-changing," said one. "Can't believe I ever lived without it."

five scalp massagers in different colors
Why anyone would want to do without one of these scalp brushes is a real, er, head scratcher. (Amazon)

An army of fans over 114,000 strong rave about adding this scrubber to their shower routine.

"Bye-bye, flakes!" said one shopper. "My son had really bad flakes in his hair from dry scalp, poor thing. We tried all different kinds of shampoos and creams but nothing worked. I stumbled across this product and thought, why not give it a try? After one use, there were noticeably less flakes. After using it for a week, there were no more flakes."

A tip from this fan: "I don't massage more than a couple times clockwise and a couple counter-clockwise in each spot. That seems to prevent a tangling effect. I do love the massaging so much! The handle is designed exactly as one would hold the brush and you don't have to worry that the brush will slip from your grip. It also comes with a tiny rope to hang in the shower."

"Decreased my hair shedding," said one five-star reviewer. "This product is probably my favorite thing I've bought this year! I wash my hair every three days and give my scalp a good scrub in the shower with this. First, it feels amazing! Second, I've noticed a lot less hair loss in the shower over the past two months, which was the reason I bought it. I've also had a significant decrease in dry scalp."

Some shoppers think the handle could be improved.

"I use this in the shower and it’s nice!" wrote a reviewer. "I wish the handle was a little bigger to grab better. Or maybe texture where you hold it so it’s not so slick."

"I have the kind of greasy hair that is super difficult to clean out," shared another shopper. "[Now] my hair feels sooo much cleaner. And my psoriasis has been much better. The only drawback that might be better on other ones is that it slips out of my fingers. Some gentle silicone grips on the handle where your fingers go might help!"

Your manicure will thank you, too, now that you're not cracking and chipping your nails trying to relieve all that itching.

$7 at Amazon

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