Buying Beverly Hills' Alexia actually has a boyfriend IRL

buying beverly hills' alexia actually has a boyfriend irl
Buying Beverly Hills' Alexia has a boyfriend Netflix

Love Is Blind aside, Buying Beverly Hills is the Netflix show we've been binge-watching this week, getting fully immersed in the drama of massive mansions and office politics. But did you know Alexia Umansky is actually in a relationship off-screen

Buying Beverly Hills follows upmarket LA real estate brokerage, The Agency, headed up by Mauricio Umansky. Two of his daughters, Farrah and Alexia, also work at the business, giving viewers an insight into their professional and private lives.

Which is why some fans were surprised to see Alexia actually has a boyfriend off-screen, especially given the suggestion of some flirtation with fellow agent Joey Ben-Zvi. In early episodes, the pair reveal they previously hooked up (in Mauricio's car, no less), and fans watch as they flirt over table tennis in the office one afternoon.

buying beverly hills' alexia actually has a boyfriend irl

At one point, Alexia says to Ben, "We hung out so much at one point. We have our history. We hooked up. It is a little weird that we haven't talked about whatever happened between us in two years... A reason why I didn't have that conversation with you, on top of me feeling bad... is that I feel like you might still have feelings for me."

Now though, it's been revealed that IRL, Alexia actually has a long-term boyfriend - Jake Zingerman. The couple have been together since 2020 Us Weekly say, with dad Mauricio acknowledging their relationship in a recent interview. "That's been around for a long, long time," he said, adding that Jake's "awesome. We love him."

Back in June 2022, Jake shared a super sweet message to Alexia to celebrate her 26th birthday. Sharing a carousel of pictures of the pair together, he wrote, "Happy birthday sweetheart❤️ My best friend and whole heart. The most amazing girl in the world. I love you with everything I got. 26 never looked so good❤️🎉 "

Alexia also shared an insight into their relationship back in March, and earlier in the year in February, with the caption, "According to astrology, Capricorn & Gemini are the least compatible… but 😵💫 I love em’."

According to reports, Jake is 26 and working in investment at Direct Cash Group.

Buying Beverly Hills is now streaming on Netflix

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