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What you can buy for the cost of a Vancouver home

Cognac, France
5,328-square-feet, includes a cinema room, pool, and view of Champagne vineyards
6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms
(Sotheby’s International)

What you can buy for the price of a Vancouver home

Vancouver home prices have seen some cooling, but this week, it seems that they’re still too hot for a lot of buyers. According to the MLS Home Price Index, the average price for a detached home in September was $1,029,700. If that sounds pricey to you, you’re not alone. Compared to houses all over the world, buying in Vancouver is a pretty costly venture.

To illustrate the point, Point2 Homes found stunning properties around the world that can be purchased for the average price of a home in Vancouver. Click through to see how far that $1,029,700 can take you if you travel around the world.

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