You Can Buy A KFC Bargain Bucket For Just £7 Right Now!

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: KFC

From Delish

KFC is doing a fine job of keeping its fans happy right now.

On Monday, it announced that it would be bringing the 80-piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket back, but this time it wouldn’t just be available in Scotland, it would be available in the whole of the UK.

Hellz yeah!

And today we bring you this (chicken) nugget of glorious information.

Right now, you can get a KFC Bargain Bucket for just £6.99! The six-piece bucket would usually set hungry diners back £11.99, but for one whole month, you can get your hands on one for less than £6. That’s a saving of a fiver!

The bucket comes with six pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe chicken, plus four regular fries. Lovely stuff.

KFC has also cut the price of its Boneless Banquet Box Meal. The box, which includes three mini fillets, popcorn chicken, regular fries, one regular side, one dip and a drink, is down from £6.49 to £5.49.

Photo credit: KFC

Oh, and we mustn’t forget to tell you that the eight-piece Boneless Dipping Feast, which contains eight mini fillets, popcorn chicken, dips, four regular fries, two large sides and a large bottle of drink, has been reduced from £15.99 to £13.99.

Photo credit: KFC

So, we’re guessing you want to know how to get your hands on these smashing deals. Well, it’s simple really. You need to be signed up to the free Colonel's Club loyalty programme and have the KFC app on your phone. You can sign up either on the app or the KFC website. You then simply get the server to scan the discount code when you order. These deals will last until 24 March.

That’s very little work for a lot of cheap chicken, eh?

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