BUY HERE: 10 wing chairs to cosy up with this winter

Did you know that the hallmark wings of a wingback chair were originally designed to serve a purpose? Introduced in England, in the late 1600s, when houses weren’t weatherproof, the chair’s extended structure over the armrests helped with thermal control. Usually positioned in front of a fireplace, its wings helped create pockets of warmth, while keeping cold draughts of air at bay. Its material palette evolved from practical wood to luxe leather and more recently, cane and steel with upholstery in velvet, cotton-blends, etc. One thing that’s stayed constant over time, is the wing chair’s role as a statement piece. With winter around the corner, here are 10 wing chairs to take your living space — and power naps — to the next level!

01. The Bellezone Wing Chair by Afydecor for its design that straddles the classic and the contemporary.
Rs. 27,499 on offer. Flash Sale!

02. The Dorchester Wing Chair by Studio Ochre for its vintage appeal; a classic in brown, tufted leather.
Rs. 64,142 on offer. Flash Sale!

03. The Noel Wing Chair by Furnitech for its print-on-solid fabric combo and brass-finish nail-head trim.
Rs. 26,686 on offer. Flash Sale!

04. The Circle Wing Chair and Ottoman by Lakdi for when you want an extra comfy catnap.
Rs. 35,549 on offer. Flash Sale!

05. The Contour Wing Chair by Furnitech for its Mid-century Modern lines and trendy colour options.
Rs. 22,749 on offer. Flash Sale!

06. The Calisto Wing Chair by Casa Craft for its sassy stripes and colour palette.
Rs. 22,749 on offer. Flash Sale!

07. The Collin Wing Chair by HomeTown for its tactile, textured, velvet upholstery.
Rs. 22,900 on offer. Buy it Here!

08. The Emerson Rocking Chair by HomeTown for its curvaceous form; an ideal spot for story time with your munchkins.
Rs. 14,900 on offer. Buy it Here!

09. The Esmina Wing Chair by Vittoria for its plaid print that would be right at home in a rustic, mountain retreat.
Rs. 18,374 (with cushion) on offer. Flash Sale!

10. The Celeste Andrea Wing Chair by Arra for its evergreen its botanical print.
Rs. 20,124 on offer. Flash Sale!