You Can Buy Edible Candles Now, So That's A Thing

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Smith & Sinclair

From Delish

If you’re looking for a Secret Santa present, look no further than these edible candles.

Smith & Sinclair has released two flavours of edible candles, and we can’t wait to try them (yes, we are dropping a hint if you’re reading this, Smith & Sinclair…).

The cocktail confectioners have re-released their hugely popular innovation for 2019 They were originally released last year, and were a complete sell-out with all stock purchased in less than two hours. Stock is, once again, fairly limited, with just 1,000 available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So you better move fast if you fancy gobbling down on a candle.

Photo credit: Smith & Sinclair

Actually, it’s less edible and more drinkable, tbh. Because how it works is, that you burn the wick and allow the edible candle wax to melt before slowly pouring it into a hot chocolate.

The candles come in two flavours that would indeed go very well in a hot cocoa. Now you just have to decide whether you’re more candy cane or spiced orange.

Both candles are 100% vegan and cost £15 each.

Photo credit: Smith & Sinclair

Buy now!

Emile Sinclair, Head of Innovation for the company, said: “Smith & Sinclair is on a mission to make Christmas more fun and we are delighted to be launching our edible candles once again; they captured the nation’s imagination last year and we’ve had a waiting list that’s grown all year round of people wanting to hear about the product making a comeback.

“The products are completely different to anything else on the market and we have no doubt the unique selling point will get people talking about the festive candle they can drink!”

So what are you waiting for – pour that candle wax in your drink and enjoy (sounds weird when you put it like that actually…).

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