You Can Buy A Cadbury White Chocolate Buttons Easter Egg At Asda Right Now

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: thenewfindsuk

From Delish

I love Easter eggs. I mean, how could you not? But, in my personal opinion, they’re just aren’t enough white chocolate Easter eggs out there.

This White Maltesers Truffles egg is a great start, but I still think we could use more.

So, thank you very much, Cadbury, who has lovingly crafted a White Buttons Easter egg. The tasty Easter treat features a hollow white chocolate egg, plus a bag of white chocolate buttons.

This is going to be one hell of an Easter - I can feel it in my bones.

The Easter egg is available exclusively at Asda, and will set you back £7.

But if that isn’t enough to satisfy your white chocolate needs this Easter, how do you like the look of these white chocolate Lindt bunnies? Tell me they’re not the cutest/most delicious-looking bunnies you’ve ever seen…

And, as if that wasn’t wonderful enough, there’s also a hazelnut flavoured version too!

Top Foods UK shared a photo of the bunnies, which were spotted in Tesco, on Instagram; saying: “@lindtuk Bunnies 🐰 Hazelnut, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate! I’m trying my best to hold back on buying these until it’s closer to Easter 😛 however, I really cannot wait to try the Hazelnut and White Chocolate 😍”.

I hear ya, Top Foods UK. I hear ya.

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