A New Butterbeer Snack Hit Universal Orlando In Time For Summer At The Wizarding World, And I'll Be Evanesco-ing That Right Into My Belly, Thanks

 Hogwarts lit up with the nighttime lights at Universal Orlando. .
Hogwarts lit up with the nighttime lights at Universal Orlando. .

I could talk all day about the best theme park snacks, but since that would actually take a full day to hash out, I’m happy to note my favorite theme park snack of all time is the Butterbeer soft serve that you can find at Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour and several other Wizarding World locations. In fact though, pretty much all of Universal Orlando’s Butterbeer snacks are top notch, which is why I was particularly excited when Butterbeer Season was announced.  Speaking of, can one use the evanesco spell as a verb? Because I can’t wait for one of Universal's pops to disappear right into my belly.

No seriously, just take a look at the gorgeous new ice "lolly": It’s two-toned (and meant to look like a mug of the liquid Butterbeer); it’s refreshing; it’s available for a limited time only. All the things that make for a successful snack, really. Take a look if you haven’t seen it in the parks already.

The snack is available at the Magic Neep Cart in Hogsmeade (in Islands Of Adventure) and The Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley (in Universal Studios). The popsicle retails for $8.99, which puts it roughly on par with the regular, frozen, hot and vegan versions of Butterbeer in the parks. Not that I really need to point this out, but this is bound to be my thing, as it’s essentially Butterbeer ice cream on a stick. If you like foods on sticks, it too could be your thing.

What may be even more exciting if you have an upcoming trip to Universal Orlando Planned? The Butterbeer Season has just been extended, which is a great thing to tide fans over while we wait for Epic Universe to open.

Universal Orlando also noted today that Butterbeer season won’t wrap until June 2nd, which is great news for families who will be traveling to the parks as school is wrapping up. (The original run was supposed to end in April.) But from the fan response, this form of Butterbeer should maybe be something that’s around all the time moving forward. Take a look:

  • universalfoodiess: Please consider keeping the ice lolly forever 😭

  • autumnxroyale I NEED this Lolly to stay permanently so I can try it on my next trip please universal? 🥺

  • zaria.abreu An iced lolly a day keeps the muggles away 🍦✨

They make a good point, Universal, maybe consider it? I do agree one of the charms of having a limited edition item is encouraging people to visit the parks during a specific time of year, which is something Universal has also been doing with its Mardi Gras festival and holiday specialties in the parks. And yet, when something is really good, sometimes it should have staying power in the parks. After all that's how a joke about churros and the VelociCoaster led to the snack item taking on new life.