Burn 500 Calories with This Weekend Fun(ctional) Blow Out

If you have enough time for a meatier session, this full-kit workout takes no prisoners. Blast through it when at the gym off-peak, or on days when you have a bit of headspace. ‘If you challenge yourself with the right intensity, you should hit your calorie target,’ says its creator, WIT head trainer Gustavo Vaz Tostes. We imagine that challenging yourself won’t be an issue…

01/ Rower

5 rounds of 40 secs on, 20 secs off

Hop on and go hard for 40 secs. Keep your form tight before pulling the handles to your lower chest (A), squeezing your shoulders at the end of the pull (B).

02/ Burpees Over Erg

5 rounds of 40 secs on, 20 secs off

Drop into your burpees (A), tapping your chest to the floor and leaping laterally over the rower (B) when you stand up. Push the seat out of your way first, though.

03/ DB Snatch

5 rounds of 40 secs on, 20 secs off

Finish your first 3-min round with max reps of the snatch. Pull the DB up (A), then drop under it as you lift your arm overhead (B). Switch arms with each rep.

Rest 5 mins. After completing 5 rounds, take a water break and set up for part 2. Now for the real work…

Part 2: Start with a 200m run.

01/ Barbell Clean

5 rounds of 9 reps

Blast through 9 cleans as soon as you’re back from your run. Pull the bar off the floor (A), shrugging your shoulders before dropping under it to catch the bar in a rack position (B) and standing. DBs work, too.

02/ Barbell Thruster

5 rounds of 12 reps

As soon as you’re done with your cleans, move seamlessly into thrusters. With the weight in a front-rack position, drop intoa squat (A), then push the bar (or DBs) overhead as you stand up (B).

03/ Double Unders

5 rounds of 50 reps

Don’t be a hero: scale to 100 single-unders if you struggle with doubles. The goal is to get your heart pumping, so tripping every 5 secs is no good. When your reps are done, go back to the cleans for round two.

To close: 200m Run

The 100-Calorie Finisher

Hop on the rower, start a running clock and perform a 30-sec all-out row, aiming for max calories. Then, at the 30-sec mark, jump off and do 12 alternating lunges (weighted or body-weight ones), before strapping back in. Begin rowing at the 1-min mark with another 30-sec sprint, followed by 12 lunges. Repeat, rowing at the top of each minute until you reach 100 cals.

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