Burger King Roulette Means You Could Get Any Burger For £2

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Photo credit: Burger King
Photo credit: Burger King

Burger King is the king of burgers. Obviously…

So, if there’s ever a way to get our sticky little fingers on one as part of a deal, we are all over it.

The latest deal from Burger King, which means we can get our hands on a Whopper (among other things) for less, is Burger King Roulette.

If you like living life on the edge, you are going to be very interested in this. The offer, which will appear for a limited time on the Burger King app, will give BK fans the chance to win discounts on Burger King’s most popular menu items.

Nine of Burger King’s iconic burgers are on offer for £2. All you have to do is spin the wheel on the app to see which one you’ll be having for lunch/dinner/an afternoon snack that day.

The burgers on offer are the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Chicken Royale, Crispy Chicken, Roadhouse Crispy Chicken, Steakhouse Angus Burger, Halloumi King, Bacon Double XL or, of-course, the iconic Whopper. You could even get your hands on a Double Whopper, which is usually £5.79. That’s a saving of £3.79

Soco Nunez, Brand and Communications Director, Burger King UK said: “Our latest deal combines fun with feasting, and we’re confident its every burger lover’s dream. We know our adventurous fans are going to love having a spin on the wheel, as with nine iconic and delicious burgers in the line up, they really can’t lose.”

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