Burger King Just Added THREE New Cheese And Bacon Burgers To Its Menu

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Photo credit: Burger King
Photo credit: Burger King

What have you got in mind for your tea tonight? You may have already decided that it’s too hot to cook, which is well within your rights. So how about a delivery? A Burger King delivery, to be specific…

The Burger King menu just got one million times better thanks to the launch of not one, not two, but THREE new cheese and bacon burgers!

BK has announced the arrival of a new Cheesy Bacon Lover range, which comprises of three super-tasty new burgers: The Cheesy Bacon Double, Cheesy Bacon Single and The Cheesy Bacon Chicken.

Let’s hear a little more about all these burgers, shall we?

The Cheesy Bacon Double (£6.89) includes two whopping, flame-grilled 100% beef patties topped with four slices of bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce AND two American cheese slices slap bang in the middle. Blimey.

Photo credit: Burger King
Photo credit: Burger King

And the Cheesy Bacon Single (£5.89) is the single beef patty version of the burger.

Not in the mood for beef? Well, the Cheesy Bacon Chicken (£7.89) consists of a crispy chicken patty, American cheese slice, bacon, onion, lettuce and two layers of irresistible cheese sauce.

Crumbs alive!?

But wait… there’s more! As well as three tantalising burgers, Burger King has also launched brand-new, chunky and deliciously squeaky halloumi fries. You can either treat yourself to a six-piece box (£3.69) or nine pieces (£4.69).

Photo credit: Burger King
Photo credit: Burger King

All of these cheesy treats are available from Burger King as of today (7 June).

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