Burger King's 'healthier' chips - a step in the right direction?

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Fries - their very name suggested unhealthy, greasy strips of potato. But now fast food chain Burger King plans to change all that with its Satisfries. They're still fried chips, but they contain 20 per cent less fat.

The fast food chain has introduced these 'healthier' fries into restaurants in the US and Canada and so far it seems that they're just as tasty as the regular variety.

Burger King hasn't let on about its secret ingredient but experts have suggested that it's most likely an 'oil-repelling' element in the batter that stops the chips from taking on so much oil when they're being fried.

The brand has been careful not to label the new fries 'healthy'. They're 'healthier', not 'healthy'. Burger King experts have claimed that the new fries contain 30 per cent less fat than those offered by their rival, McDonald's. But they also cost more that regular fries - around 20c in the US (about 12p) for a small-sized serving.

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But with our increasing obsession with healthy eating and our diets, many of us will be prepared to pay for a slightly healthier version of what should really be an occasional treat.

And most importantly - how did they stand up to the taste test?

Reporters in the US were invited to come along and try the new fries at a top secret tasting, and for the most part the response has been good.

Alexandra Sifferlin from Time Magazine was impressed. She wrote:  "I don’t claim to be a french fry connoisseur, but I couldn’t tell the difference between the SatisFries and the regular fries I remember."

Past research has showed that when people go to fast food joints, even now that salads and frilled options are on the menu, most still opt for the unhealthy, fried choices. So perhaps the only way is to try and reduce just how bad these foods are for our health.

But don't be fooled into thinking you can have larger portions more often - fries are still fries, after all. Which is a shame, because after looking at all the pics, we really want a chip.