Bulgarian president overrides parliament, blocks transfer of APCs for Ukraine's war effort

Rumen Radev
Rumen Radev

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has vetoed a bill passed by the legislature that would have allowed Ukraine to receive armored vehicles free of charge, news outlet Nova Bulgaria reported on Dec. 4.

MPs did not have the opportunity to objectively assess whether the equipment provided was necessary, he argued.

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The head of state noted that neither the wartime tasks assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs nor the needs of the Main Directorates of Border Police and Fire Safety and Public Safety were taken into account.

The armored vehicles provided to Ukraine could have been used to protect the Bulgarian border and provide assistance to the population in the event of disasters and accidents, particularly in hard-to-reach areas, Radev said.

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"I am guided by the belief that the safety, health, and lives of Bulgarian citizens should be the priority," the president said.

The Bulgarian parliament ratified on Nov. 22 an agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to provide Ukraine with armored vehicles, relevant weapons, and spare parts.

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The agreement between the Bulgarian and Ukrainian ministries was signed in Sofia on Aug. 8 and in Kyiv on Nov. 13. A statement from the country's parliamentary defense committee said that the Bulgarian Interior Ministry no longer needed the vehicles.

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