Bubblegum Gin Has Landed, And We're Honestly Obsessed With How Blue It Is...

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Photo credit: Manchester Drinks
Photo credit: Manchester Drinks

Remember that Watermelon Gin last summer? Well, the makers behind that deliciously-sweet beverage have just launched Bubblegum Gin, and we're quite honestly ecstatic.

Available now in Morrisons stores, the gin liqueur has been described as "bursting with flavour," and even shimmers when shaken (and you know how we feel about shimmery flavoured gin).

Costing just £10, we can't help but imagine how tasty this would be mixed with lemonade and lots and lots of ice. It would be like a deconstructed bubblegum ice lolly!

Not sold? Manchester Drinks even recommend making your very own Bubblegum Daiquiri. Simply mix your gin liqueur with coconut rum, pineapple juice and crushed ice. Et voila: you've got yourself a banging summer cocktail.

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Richard Benjamin, Director at Manchester Drinks said, "We are excited to have worked with the Morrisons team again to produce this exciting new gin liqueur and expand our flavour offerings. We have worked hard to create a deliciously balanced gin that is nostalgic in taste and hugely enjoyable to those looking for a sweet and fruity gin drink to enjoy with friends and family this summer."

Since you're here, how do you feel about sherbet?

We've just discovered these Sherbet Gin Liqueurs, and they look delicious! Available in 50cl bottles with a 20% ABV, these nostalgic-looking liqueurs come in three incredible flavours: lemon, raspberry and orange.

Photo credit: Sherbet Gin Liqueur
Photo credit: Sherbet Gin Liqueur

The Sherbet Gin Liqueurs are available to buy online via Firebox, Amazon and Master of Malt, from between £14.95 and £19.99.

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