Bubble Tea Lovers NEED This Bubbleology Kit From Asda

bubble tea kit
Asda Is Selling A Bubbleology Bubble Tea KitInstagram @newfoodsuk

If you love bubble tea, you really love bubble tea.

The drink has become somewhat of a cult item with mega fans across the UK and the world. This cult status has a lot to do with the fun boba pearls, range of flavours, and perhaps the unaccessible nature of some of the ingredients you'd need to make the drink at home.

Well, bubble tea fans rejoice, because Asda has started selling bubble tea making kits!

The kits are from the well-known bubble tea brand Bubbleology, and they come in two different pack varieties: fruit tea and milk tea.

The fruit tea pack has raspberry and passionfruit teas with popping fruity boba, and the milk tea pack has taro milk and brown sugar milk teas with tapioca pearls.

Both packs have cups for portability and the essential big straws for sucking up the cute boba and pearls.

The packs were spotted in Asda by Instagram account @newfoodsuk, and the post has since racked up almost 5,000 likes and lots of excited comments.

It looks like the packs are only available in store for now, but we'll be the first to let you know when they appear online.

Bubbleology is a fan favourite, so we can imagine these packs being very popular.

The chain has bubble tea shops all over the UK, and sells over 30 different bubble tea flavours, from milk teas like rose milk and vanilla to fruit teas like white peach and even a biscoff flavoured tea! When will that one be coming to Asda, hey?