Bryce Harper cheered for Vegas at the Stanley Cup Final in D.C. and people got mad

Bryce Harper has made it no secret he supports the Las Vegas Golden Knights. He may play for the Washington Nationals right now, but he grew up in Vegas, so it’s tough to blame him.

Even knowing that, it was pretty jarring to see Harper clad in his Golden Knights gear at Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, especially considering the game was played in D.C.

What happened?

Harper showed up to Game 4 wearing a Golden Knights jersey and rooting for the team. The Golden Knights are playing the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Final. Harper currently plays in D.C., so you could see how that might make a few people angry. Under normal circumstances, he would be expected to cheer for the Capitals.

Not every National

Some of his teammates did just that. Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer were at the game wearing Capitals gear. Harper was the odd man out, though we doubt this is going to cause some sort of schism in the clubhouse.

Why did Harper do it?

Before you criticize Harper for his decision, please realize that he’s doing what any fan would do in his situation. He grew up in Vegas. His sports allegiances are to the teams from his hometown. It doesn’t matter if the Golden Knights are in their first season, he’s going to support them. You would probably do the same thing.

Were people mad about it?

Of course they were. This is 2018. People on the Internet will get mad about anything.

What happens next?

The Capitals are ahead 3-1 in the Stanley Cup Final, so Harper may hear it from local fans pretty soon. That may not bother him for too long, though. Harper is a free-agent at the end of the season and is expected to explore his options. Maybe he’s just telling Nationals fans they should get used to seeing him in a different jersey.

Bryce Harper has no problem showing his support for the Golden Knights when he’s not on a baseball field. (AP Photo)

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