Brussels confident it will circumvent Orban’s veto on Ukraine aid — report

The European Union flag
The European Union flag

The European Union will find a way to provide financial and military assistance to Ukraine, even if Hungarian PM Viktor Orban vetoes the planned allotment of EUR 50 billion ($55 billion), Reuters reported on Dec. 8.

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According to an unnamed high-ranking official, EU country leaders will keep their promises.

"We know how existential it is; European leaders are responsible people - at least 26..., they will stick to their commitments," the source said.

The official mentioned that if Orban vetoes the pledged EUR 50 billion for Ukraine, which is intended to be delivered by 2027, the bloc could allocate a smaller amount of money over a shorter period, or the remaining 26 EU countries could continue their aid to Ukraine on a bilateral basis.

The official also suggested the possibility of reaching a compromise with Hungary, as happened in December of the previous year when the EU allocated EUR 18 billion to Ukraine. However, he added that many members within the bloc are disappointed by the Hungarian government's stance.

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"Across the board ..., the Hungarian hooligans are a problem when it comes to our policy vis-à-vis Russia's aggression against Ukraine," they added.

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Previously, Hungary threatened to block the planned EUR 50 billion aid package to Ukraine. Orban also threatens to block EUR 500 million of planned military assistance and to veto the upcoming decision on starting accession talks for Kyiv to join the EU.

On Nov. 8, the European Commission recommended starting accession talks for Ukraine and Moldova to join the EU.

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Afterward, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated that the European Union should not begin negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the bloc, stressing that this is Hungary's "clear position" on the matter.

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) secretary Oleksiy Danilov later said that Ukraine is ready to make compromises with Hungary for EU membership.

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