Brussels 'beer spa' offers chance to bathe in a brew of your own creation

Belgium is famous for its beer and now visitors to its capital, Brussels, can indulge their love of a brew by being pampered in a 'beer spa'.

Set in a cellar in the old city centre, Bath & Barley is an updated take on a traditional Czech beer spa by design studio WeWantMore.

The beer spa offers beer-infused spa treatments, most notably beer baths where guests soak in water mixed with hops, malt and medicinal herbs.

Bath & Barley is the first beer spa in Belgium, despite the country's love of brewing - but two young Belgians were inspired to create their own upmarket version.

While there, you can take a bubble bath filled with fresh water, hops, barley and yeast and compose your own brew selected from a mix of the different hops harvested by a Belgian farmer. Stained-glass screens offer spa guests some privacy, while the church-like illustrations depict beer-brewing monks and priests and the staircase railing features knights, kettles and beer barrels.

WeWantMore worked with traditional materials like copper, grain and stained glass to keep the association with Belgium's medieval beer brewing culture alive.

Dried barley and hops hang from the ceiling, with their perfume adding a sensorial element to the spa experience, while the dangling branches soften up the warm lighting even more. The exposed walls, raw concrete and blue stone complete the earthy feel of the first floor.