Bruno Tonioli screams as he's dragged on-stage for terrifying BGT stunt

Britain’s Got Talent judge Bruno Tonioli was dragged on stage during a rollerskating act and unexpectedly took part. Bruno was spun around in mid-air by Duo Stardust during their daring routine on Monday 27 May.

The rollerskating couple paused their act mid-way through to get former Strictly Come Dancing judge onto the stage where they laid him between them on their supports. The pair then began spinning and at the same time were lifted into the air with Bruno still between them. The judge screamed as he spun around, meanwhile Simon Cowell looked quite pleased as he watched on.

And the moment was quite a big hit with fans as well.

Bruno on stage during BGT performance
Bruno Tonioli screams as he's dragged on-stage for terrifying BGT stunt -Credit:ITV
Bruno performed with Duo Stardust during the semi-finals
Bruno takes a breath after being let down from the stunt -Credit:ITV

As the moment played out during the live semi-finals, one viewer commented: “I’m SCREAMING they gave him no choice and just flung him round and round. Should’ve done it to Simon #BrtainsGotTalent." Another added: “Poor Bruno getting spun around like a washing machine against his will #BGT."

A third joked: “I think Bruno should win #BritainsGotTalent." A fourth wasn’t so sure Bruno didn't get fair warning and said: “Tonioli pretending he’s forgotten what they rehearsed this afternoon… #BGT."

Bruno takes part in BGT act
Fans found the funny side of Bruno being spun around by the roller skating pair -Credit:ITV

Whilst the audience cheered the duo as they finished their performance, and let Bruno go back to his seat, Simon declared he was left quite unimpressed - despite them being his Golden Buzzer act. He said: “I think you let the production overshadow your talent tonight” as he received boos from the audience, Simon continued: “I can only say what I feel.”

Bruno said: “It worked for me! It’s a bit scary - and I thought that anyway. Every time you were spinning around, I thought she was going to crash. I found it very scary and very dramatic.” But Bruno went on to say he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Innocent Masuku during BGT auditions
Innocent Masuku impressed everyone with his performances in the auditions and semi-final -Credit:ITV

Two acts later and opera singer Innocent Masuku took to the stage and viewers were stunned by his talent. One fan said: “He is amazing!”” Another added “This opera singer WOW #BritainsGotTalent."

The judges were equally impressed and all took to their feet to compliment him. Alesha said: “How do I sum it up? You’re the one to beat.”

Amanda added: “What’s amazing is how slight you are and I never see you take a breath then you do those notes that last forever. I think Alesha’s right, you’re the one to beat tonight.”

Simon said: “We felt how much this means to you” before he went on to say: "You deserve this opportunity because you are incredibly talented.”