Brunettes, Listen Up: These 13 Dry Shampoos Were Made Especially For Dark Hair

If you're a brunette, then you're probably no stranger to this situation: your hair is greasy, so you try to combat it with a few blasts of dry shampoo, and suddenly it looks like you dumped a cup of baby powder on your head. Many dry shampoos contain white powder to soak up oil, but it looks like chalk when cast on dark hair. This predicament isn't much better than having dirt-looking roots.

Thankfully, the hair-care industry has been hard at work over the last few years coming up with a handful of solutions, creating products that will soak up next-day grease without leaving behind a white powder residue. Some of these formulas spray on completely invisible and leave no trace behind on your hair, while others come with a brown pigment that doubles as a root touch-up or gray-hair concealer when you don't have time to make it into the salon.

Keep reading to find the best dry shampoo for you and never have to deal with that annoying white cast on your roots again.

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