Bruce Forsyth's Widow Wilnelia Reveals She 'Still Speaks To Him Everyday'

Ash Percival

Bruce Forsyth’s widow Wilnelia has revealed she still speaks to him everyday, as she opened up about his death in a heartbreaking new interview. 

The former Miss World spoke of the entertainer’s final two weeks at home before his death in August last year, in which he made peace with dying. 

The late Sir Bruce Forsyth and his wife Wilnelia

She told the Daily Mail: “He didn’t want to go. But when the time came, he was ready. He didn’t want to be the way he was. If he couldn’t be Bruce, he didn’t want to stay.”

Revealing she hadn’t moved an ornament or picture in the home they shared together since his death, Wilnelia said she still felt his presence. 

“I talk to him all the time,” she said. “But I miss sharing all the good news in the world — and all the bad.”

Bruce died in August last year at the age of 89

Her words came after the first anniversary of Bruce’s death on Saturday.

To mark the date, his ashes were interred beneath the stage of the London Palladium - a place he had performed countless times during his glittering showbiz career. 

A plague has also been installed on the wall beneath the stage to commemorate him. 

It reads: “Without question the UK’s greatest entertainer, he rests in peace within the sound of music, laughter and dancing… exactly where he would want to be.”