Bros plan new album

Bros are planning new music credit:Bang Showbiz
Bros are planning new music credit:Bang Showbiz

Bros are set to record their first album in over 30 years.

The 'When Will I Be Famous' hitmakers - comprising twins Matt and Luke Goss and previously Craig Logan - haven't released a record since 1991's 'Changing Faces' but are currently in talks about recording new music, which they hope to release next year.

And Matt confirmed he and his brother are also considering making another documentary following the popularity of 2018's 'Bros: After The Screaming Stops'.

He said: “In 2022 we’ll address making a new record and possibly entertaining some of the offers we’ve had to make another documentary.

"There’s an energy when we’re together.”

The 53-year-old singer credited their previous documentary for bringing him and Luke closer together as he and the drummer were able to resolve their issues.

He told Sorted magazine: “It was like therapy in front of the world.

"I didn’t realise how angry my brother was about me being the frontman.

"But it was like the never-ending apology. I couldn’t apologise any more. It was 27 years ago.”

Matt recently admitted the coronavirus pandemic had given him time to reflect and he realised he had been "abusing his body" and mind with non-stop "entertaining".

He said: "I think without question, I think we've all been forced into a place of self-reflection. And I think it's been great at times and it's also been extremely troubling at times, because we crack on with our lives at such a pace that we do not look left and right sometimes at the things that are distressing to us and disturbing to us, and doing four or five shows a week here for 10 years, you know, in America, and it got to a point where I felt like I was abusing my body and my life.

"It was just about entertainment and making sure people felt transported, and I really wasn't really addressing some of the things within my own life, and, I realised that this issue of mental health and everything became very, very deeply important to me."