Brooklyn Peltz Beckham's marriage fears

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham's marriage fears credit:Bang Showbiz
Brooklyn Peltz Beckham's marriage fears credit:Bang Showbiz

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham was worried his wife wouldn't want to marry him.

Brooklyn, 23, tied the knot with actress Nicola Peltz Beckham, 27, in April but admitted that his nerves kicked in just before Nicola walked down the aisle.

He told Interview magazine: "I was a little bit nervous. Actually, I was very nervous. Right before, I was like, 'Oh my god, what if she doesn’t walk down?!' So I was on my guard: 'I’m marrying my best friend, what if she doesn’t want to?' But I walked down and as soon as she came out, I bursted out crying. It was an amazing day. Marrying your best friend is the best thing you can do. Find the person that makes you a better person and wife them up. Finding the right person changes your life and makes it 100 times better."

Brooklyn also spoke about spending Thanksgiving with Selena Gomez.

He said: "She came down a few days before Thanksgiving and one night we were cooking in the kitchen; I was making a fish and chips sandwich; we were all hanging out and Selena was taking little videos and she edited it all together, which was really nice. And then, a few days later I helped cook [for] Thanksgiving."

And Brooklyn revealed he tries not to care what people think of him.

He said: “Honestly, me and my wife take pictures all the time. But I don’t really mind what I look like, to be honest. Yeah, I don’t really mind. I love taking pictures of me, my wife, my friends, my family, her family. So I’m not really bothered about that, actually."