Brooklyn Beckham shows off cooking skills with a 'sunday roast' beef joint

Brooklyn Beckham has shared a new video cooking a joint of beef saying it's "'Just like I have it in England. The best Sunday roast." However not all the viewers were convinced it was well-cooked.

Video transcript

- Sunday roast.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: But we're making it Michelin.

- With Brooklyn Peltz Beckham.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Starting with a dry-aged rib roast. Butter, rosemary, and thyme.

- Garlic, salt. Pepper.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: And cover with the butter.

- Into the oven. We're going to reverse sear it.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Potatoes go in. Cover with water.

- Salt.


- Beef fat.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Garlic. We're going to make them extra crispy.

- After one hour, add rosemary and thyme.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Add some butter, shallots.

- Add the Madeira.


- Porcini mushrooms. Oh yeah.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Wouldn't be a proper roast without some Yorkshire puddings.

- Milk, salt, eggs, bread flour.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: That is a proper Yorkshire pudding.

- Salt. Pear juice, butter. Oh, my gosh.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Hot food, hot plate.

- Cheers.

BROOKLYN BECKHAM: Just like how I have it in England. The best Sunday roast.