Brookfield Zoo's dolphins leave Chicago for enforced holiday in Minnesota

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Lynette Kleisner/CZS-Brookfield Zoo/Cover Images

Brookfield Zoo's seven bottlenose dolphins have gone on an enforced holiday to Minnesota Zoo.

The animals' stay in Minnesota allows for their habitat to receive necessary updates and renovations.

"The move went as expected and the dolphins are currently getting acclimated to their new environment," said Rita Stacey, vice president of animal programs for the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS), which manages Brookfield Zoo. "We are extremely grateful to our colleagues at Minnesota Zoo for providing a home where all of the dolphins could remain together while our Seven Seas habitat is undergoing updates and repairs."

Renovations to the 35-year-old facility include the installation of a lift platform in the south habitat that allows the water depth to be quickly adjusted if advanced medical care is needed for an animal. Additional improvements include a new roof and a complete climate-controlled air purifying system for the entire building, making for a better environment for the animals, staff, and guests, who can enjoy a tropical temperature year-round.

To provide the best possible care for the dolphins - Lucky, 48; Tapeko, 40; Allie, 35; Kai, 28; Spree, 20; Noelani, 19; and Allison, 17-seven of Brookfield Zoo's animal care staff will also be spending time in Minnesota, providing daily care to the dolphins and engaging with them in the same manner they do in Chicago.

Additionally, there are plans to provide Dolphins in Action presentations for guests at Minnesota Zoo's Discovery Bay, beginning in late November.