Sex with a stranger and outside among Brits' top secret fantasies

Sex outdoors is our most common sexual fantasy. (Getty Images)
Sex outdoors is our most common sexual fantasy. (Getty Images)

Having sex outside tops the UK’s list of sexual fantasies, with at least seven 10 of us having carried out our secret desires in real life.

But a third of Brits won't even talk to their partner about their sexual fantasies due to embarrassment or fear of rejection.

The survey, carried out by sexual wellness experts at Sinful, found that outdoor sex was the most popular fantasy (21%), followed by mutual oral sex (20%) or taking part in a threesome (18%).

And people in a relationship are most sexually adventurous with 80% trying at least one sexual fantasy together.

Other popular fantasies included role play, using sex toys and wearing sexy lingerie.

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Sexy lingerie and role play are also secret fantasies. (Getty Images)
Sexy lingerie and role play are also secret fantasies. (Getty Images)

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The survey also found that seven in 10 people (70%) have carried out at least one sexual desire in real life, the most popular being sex outdoors, with nearly one in four people (24%) having had a little al-fresco fumble.

While three in 10 of us might be worried about opening up about our secret turn-ons, the experts say open communication about your desires is likely to increase the chances of you both finally getting to try your fantasy out.

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“Fear of rejection and embarrassment can often be the reason a lot of us stay silent about our deepest sexual desires," says Sinful sexual wellness expert Ditte Jensen.

“Being vulnerable in front of your partner can be an uncomfortable feeling, especially if you haven’t spoken about sex much before. However, honest and open communication can allow you to access avenues in your sex life that you may never have considered open before.

“A more intimate approach to discussing sexual fantasies and needs can improve both your sex life and your relationship overall, so we encourage you to open up to your partner about anything new you’d like to try."

After all, if you don’t ask you don’t get.