Brits are going wild for toastie makers right now

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Photo credit: Marie Wurm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Marie Wurm - Getty Images

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Is there anything quite as comforting as a good old toastie? Well, it appears we've all rediscovered their charms during lockdown - as sales of sandwich makers are soaring and have risen by a whopping 527%.

Online retailer,, has this week reported the surge in sales as people are looking for tasty comfort food to satisfy their lunchtime cravings during lockdown.

Those living in Greater London appear to be the biggest toastie lovers as the data shows they are buying the most sandwich makers (1,605% year on year), followed by West Yorkshire (1,164% YoY), Merseyside (1,073% YoY), Cambridgeshire (646% YoY) and West Midlands (548% YoY).

Perhaps people are also trying to get in on the social media craze sweeping the nation, known as the four-way wrap hack. Rather than sticking to one filling, it allows you to easily stuff four fillings into your wrap before grilling - or popping it into your new sandwich maker.

Chef Juliet Sears has handily offered up so easy recipes to try over on, while the video below will also take you through the easy four-way wrap hack steps.

Tori Miller, toastie expert at said: “It seems that people are looking for a quick, yet delicious lunchtime treat, with the humble toastie proving a popular choice, and this has led to a rise in people purchasing sandwich makers to give them a helping hand.

"There are a range of sandwich makers to choose from, with the deep fill models proving popular so people can stuff them full of their favourite fillings. Once you’ve got your appliance set up and ready to use at home, the final question remains - whether to butter both sides of the bread!”

Want to get in on the toastie action? The three best-selling sandwich makers include the Tower 3 in 1 Deep Fill Sandwich Maker, and the Russell Hobbs Panini Grill and Griddle Sandwich Toaster.

Ready for a toastie-fest? We're definitely on board...

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