Britney Spears’ estranged husband Sam Asghari ‘won’t get a cent from her $15 million memoir deal even if she writes about marriage‘

Britney Spears’ estranged husband Sam Asghari will reportedly not get a cent from the estimated $15 million the singer has been paid for her upcoming memoir.

The Princess of Pop, 41, who admitted she was left a “little shocked” when personal trainer-turned actor Sam, 29, filed for divorce from her on 16 August, is set to release her tell-all autobiography ‘The Woman in Me’ on 24 October.

But sources say she is protected from paying anything to him from her writing fee even if she mentions their relationship.

An insider told Page Six: “Britney and Sam have a totally iron-clad prenup. He gets basically nothing – there are no millions, and he certainly will not profit from Britney’s book, that’s her book.”

Sam is also said to be missing out on a multi-million dollar payday as he filed for divorce after only 14 months of marriage, when the prenup he signed with Britney stated he would get a $1 million payout in the event of their split – but only for every two years they were married.

He was said to have stopped wearing his wedding ring since the end of July ahead of filing for divorce from Britney.

And he seemingly dropped a major clue that his marriage to Britney was on the rocks by posting an Instagram slideshow showing him without the ring in the weeks leading up to their split.

Britney previously sparked talk her marriage to Sam – who she wed in June 2022 – by also not wearing her wedding ring for months.

In March, the pop icon went on holiday with her long-time friend and manager, Cade Hudson, without her husband.

Paparazzi pictures of the break and of Sam taken at the time show both Britney and him were in separate locations without their wedding rings.

Sam’s representative Brandon Cohen insisted at the time there was no trouble in the marriage, saying his client had removed his ring as he was “filming a movie.”

A few days later, Britney was seen again on her solo holiday without her ring.