Britney Spears 'cut own hair' before rare night out with friends

Britney Spears gave herself a haircut shortly before a night out with friends this week.

On Monday, the popstar took to Instagram to share that she decided to trim her blonde locks prior to a meal at a Nobu restaurant with pals.

However, Britney revealed that the impromptu makeover didn't go quite to plan.

"Okay I like things that are a little bit of a mystery !!! Well last night before I went out again to Nobu for the second time ... ok I was hungry !!! I cut my hair !!! A lot ... like maybe 2 and a half or three inches," she wrote in the caption. "My whole head of hair was curled not straight at all !!! My friend sent me a pic of me going inside and my hair is longer than it was before I cut it !!! And it's straight ... uhhhhhh what the heck (sic) ???"

Britney is yet to post a photo of her new look.

Though she did share a snap of her posing with some pals in front of an enormous tree and pointed out "another mystery".

"Me and friends went to visit my favorite tree last night !!! I take a pic with it every year !!! Well I stood in the exact same place as last year ... why the hell was the tree so damn big last year ??? Uhhhhh (sic) !!!" the 41-year-old mused.