British runner Emile Cairess calls this his ‘favourite racing shoe'

emile cairess at the london marathon 2023
This is Emile Cairess' favourite race day shoeGetty Images

Yorkshire-born runner Emile Cairess is arguably one of the hottest talents in British distance running right now. The 25-year old, who is sponsored by Adidas, broke the British 10-mile record in March, and finished 6th overall (including bagging the title of first Brit home) at the London Marathon in April. He recently shared his go-to running shoes with RW.

For easy runs, Cairess opts for the Adidas Boston 10s (the previous iteration of the current 11s).

‘They’ve got a big stack height, which means you don’t tend to feel little stones when you’re in the forest,’ said Cairess, who does pretty much all of his training off-road. ‘It’s an unintended benefit because they’re supposed to be for steady and tempo runs on the road rather than easy runs on trails, but they feel great.’

For most races, he wears the Adidas Takumi Sen 9.

‘It’s a stripped-down version of the Adios Pro 3,’ said Cairess. ‘The Takumi has a stack height of 33mm compared with the Adios Pro’s 39mm, so the Takumi still has a decent stack, but I feel it’s just that bit more responsive.’

In a world where high-stack carbon running shoes tend to dominate the elite fields, it’s an unusual choice.

‘Because I don’t weigh much, I do like a shoe that’s a bit lighter,’ he told RW. ‘I love the Takumi and I think everyone should give them a go because they feel like a traditional racer that everyone will feel comfortable with, but they’re a supershoe. You get the best of both worlds.’

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