‘A high point for feminism’: Woman says a stranger bought her a pint because of Lionesses win at Euro 2022

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A woman’s tweet has gone viral after she revealed a man bought her a pint with no strings attached after the Women’s Euros final.

Aisha Malik-Smith tweeted following the Lionesses win on Sunday (31 July): “Just had a bloke buy me a pint in a long queue for the bar and not expect anything of it, he just nodded at the telly and went ‘women’s euros innit’. A high point for feminism.”

The tweet has been liked nearly 140,000 times and retweeted over 5,700 times.

Some Twitter users asked for the tweet to be “Americanised” so that they would be able to understand it.

One person jokingly responded: “The lady was in line for a beer at the local saloon, and this feller just buys her a beer, no strings attached. He just nods at the TV and says ‘Yeehaw! Here’s to the women’s soccer competition, m’lady!’ And then he tipped his Stetson at her and rode off into the sunset.”

Another expressed surprise that British people say “innit”, while one person thought that Malik-Smith “managed to use every single British word in existence in one tweet”.

However, it has sparked debate among twitter users with one person saying the move was “the opposite of feminism”.

“A woman accepting a drink off a man she doesn’t know,” the user wrote. “And on top of that making an issue of it. And the whole time it was in reference to you being a woman. I’m a feminist. When a man offers me a drink, I buy him one instead and walk away.”

Another user responded: “Odd how a nice gesture has to mean something completely different on here - bet he didn’t give it anything like the thought you have. Just felt like a good idea at the time.”

Malik-Smith followed up her tweet by saying she “refused” to believe that “this many people are astounded a guy would buy someone else a drink”. “Have yous [sic] been to a pub?” she questioned.

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