British model claims Spanish ministry used her image on beach body advert without permission

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A British model has called out the Spanish Ministry of Equality for using her image in its new beach body campaign, allegedly without permission.

The campaign, described by a Spanish politician as emphasising the message that “all bodies are beach bodies”, sees cutout images of a diverse group of women sitting on a beach, with overlaying text that reads: ”Summer is ours too. Enjoy it how, where and with whomever you want.”

The poster features unidentified models including a topless woman who has had a mastectomy, a woman with armpit hair, and a woman who has since been identified as British model and social influencer Nyome Nicholas-Williams.

Calling out the campaign on Instagram, Nicholas-Williams wrote: “So I’ve just been sent this…my image is being used by the Spanish government in a campaign but they’ve not used to ask my image or likeness! Great idea but poor execution!”

She explained that this was the second time her likeness had been used without her permission after an illustrator used it in 2020 to “sell products”.

“The thing is I’d never say no if it’s for a good cause but come on, ask for my permission. This is so frustrating!” she continued.

Nicholas-Williams told The Independent that her agent has reached out to the ministry but they have yet to get a reply.

One person wrote in a comment: “Have they superimposed you on the beach? The blatant extraction going on here is outrageous.”

Another said: “It would have been more impactful if they organised a REAL photo shoot with Actual people on their actual beaches.”

Promoting the campaign on Twitter, Ione Belarra, the minister for social rights in Spain’s Podemos party tweeted the image with the caption: “All bodies are beach bodies. Our bodies are to be cared for, respected and enjoyed.”


Antonia Morillas, head of the Spanish Women’s Institute – the organisation that led the new initiative – also tweeted the image with the caption: “Diverse bodies, free of gender stereotypes, occupying all spaces. Summer also belongs to us. Free, equal and diverse.”

The Independent has contacted the Spanish Ministry of Equality for comment.

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