Britain's Got Talent star reveals what he'll send Ant and Dec after their touching gesture on ITV show

Britain's Got Talent star reveals what he'll send Ant and Dec after their touching gesture on ITV show

When 26 year old Jack Rhodes showcased his impressive magic act during the audition stages of Britain’s Got Talent, he revealed to hosts Ant and Dec that he didn’t have any family members in the audience to support him.

At the time, he told them: “None of my family like magic, they’re not here,” so Ant kindly responded: “Tonight, we’re your family, Jack.” Jack replied to their sweet gesture by saying, “You can be my two dads,” as he walked to the stage and went on to wow Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and Bruno Tonioli with his sleight of hand and mind tricks.

Jack Rhodes
Magician Jack Rhodes is in the BGT semi finals -Credit:Rex/Shutterstock
Jack Rhodes
Magician Jack Rhodes' family isn't in the BGT audience -Credit:Rex/Shutterstock

While chatting to OK! just hours before the semi final, Jack revealed that he’s going to send the presenters something in the post as thanks for their support during his audition. “It’s great, I’ve got three dads now,” he laughed. “I don’t know what to do with them all – Father’s Day is getting expensive with all the cards. I will be getting each one of them a card this year.”

While his dad may not be in the audience for a second time, Jack’s family and friends will be watching from home and his wife will be in the audience, too. “She will be there and probably more nervous than me,” he added.

Ant and Dec
Ant and Dec acted as dads for Jack Rhodes -Credit:ITV

The friends supporting him include all his mates from his previous job as a nuclear engineer in Lancashire, a job he left in January to pursue magic full time. “I got a text in the group work chat saying ‘the funniest thing about your act is when you claim to be a nuclear engineer!’ I used to spend all dinner times doing tricks for people in the office, and we’d have Magic Wednesdays where I’d do a little bit of a show, they were always supportive of me,” he says.

The magician – who says his act for the semi final is “unlike anything that has been done before, it’s brand new and I’m super excited, and it’s also probably the most difficult thing I have done” – made the tough decision to leave the security of his engineering job to compete in Britain’s Got Talent.

“I’ve gone from being a nuclear engineer to doing card tricks, it’s a big shift,” he says. “Had I been doing a job that I didn’t enjoy and that wasn’t interesting, it would have been an easier decision to try and do this magic stuff full time but because it was such a decent job, and had all the benefits you don’t get as a magician, it has made this journey a bit more of a risk for me.”