Britain's Got Talent star on 'mad moment' he scolded Simon Cowell during audition

After a week of tears, cheers and the occasional boo, it’s time for the fifth and final Britain’s Got Talent semi final, and among the acts hoping to take home the grand prize of £250,000 and a place on the bill of the Royal Variety Performance in November is comedian Alex Mitchell.

The 23 year old primary school teacher, who has autism and Tourette’s, impressed the judges and the audience at his original audition with his honest and very funny brand of comedy, and even managed to get away with scolding Simon Cowell after the mogul laughed just at the moment Alex displayed one of the tics he has that is associated with Tourette’s – but before the punchline to his joke.

Alex Mitchell
Comedian Alex Mitchell impressed viewers and judges on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:ITV

“That was not the point to laugh, Simon,” he said on stage, joking. “That has done nothing for your appearance, sir, hold on for the punchline, you’ll have a better night!” Luckily, his quickfire response had Simon laughing even more.

“That was the moment when I thought, I think I am going to be alright here, I think I’ve got this,” Alex says during an exclusive chat with OK!. "That was really special, but also I don’t really know what came over me, it was a mad moment where it fell out of my mouth – but I am so glad I did it.”

Speaking just hours before the semi final on Friday 31 May, Alex said: “I’m terrified, it’s just nuts, the whole experience is bonkers, it’s so out of my comfort zone and is really scary but I’m loving every minute of it.”

He also confirmed what he told the judges in the audition – that no one, including his parents, knew he was trying out for Britain’s Got Talent. In fact, his mum thought he had gone on a stag do, but once the four judges had put Alex through to the semi final, Simon called Alex’s mum to let her know how well her son had done.

Simon Cowell and Alex Mitchell
Simon Cowell got on the phone to Alex's mum -Credit:ITV
Alex Mitchell
Alex with the Britain's Got Talent judges -Credit:ITV

“If anyone deserved that moment it was my mum,” he said. “All she has sacrificed for me, it was a moment she truly deserved, she still can’t quite believe it I don’t think. She’s gonna be here in the audience and I am really excited about that, to share the moment with her and my dad and my brother and people watching at home.”

His parents have been supportive of his dream to become a stand-up comedian, and are thrilled for his BGT success.

“It probably took me longer to tell Mum and Dad I wanted to be a comedian than it did to tell them that I’m queer to be fair, but they have been incredibly supportive and allowed me to go and pursue that dream and see me rise from doing tiny gigs with no one there, to slightly bigger rooms and earning maybe 20 quid here and there, to doing Britain’s Got Talent,” he said.

His young pupils – Alex works with kids from Year 3 to Year 6 (age seven to 11) – will be watching him from home, too.

“They’ve been lovely, they’re great kids and I cannot wait for them to see it tonight – I’m 23, I don’t have kids myself, they’re my children, they are the ones I want to make proud and look out for and keep safe and show them you can do anything you want to do."