Britain's Got Talent fans figure out why Bruno Tonioli sounds like he's getting booed every time he speaks

Bruno Tonioli
-Credit: (Image: ITV/Thames)

With the live semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, viewers have been tasked to vote for their favourites in the hope of the act reaching the final on Sunday 2 June.

But one of the biggest topics of conversation has been hearing the audience ‘booing’ a particular judge during Tuesday's show. Viewers at home were puzzled when they thought they heard poor Bruno Tonioli being booed from the audience at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Despite his praises for the acts, the ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge seemed to continue receiving a chilly reception from the audience. So much so that viewers took to social media to question them: "Are people booing Bruno Sounds like boos every time he talks,"

Another asked: "Why were some of the audience boo Bruno? 'Is it me or is Bruno getting boos every time he speaks.”

BGT's Bruno Tonioli with dance group Phoenix
Viewers believed Bruno was being booed during Britain's Got Talent -Credit:ITV

In response to the comments, others insisted they knew what was actually happening. "Why is everyone baffled that they can't figure out what's happening? They are clearly shouting Bruuuno.”

Another viewer replied: "I believe they're chanting Bruuuunooo." And a third echoed: "They were actually screaming "Brunoooo! Having seen it from the audience, it probably sounded clearer to me than those catching it on TV but yes, it was a bit bothersome."

It wasn’t the first time Bruno had an issue during the first semi-finals, he found himself dragged on stage with roller skating act Duo Stardust.

Bruno up on stage with Duo Stardust
Bruno Tonioli screams as he's dragged on-stage for terrifying BGT stunt -Credit:ITV

The Ukrainian couple asked Bruno to join them which he hesitantly did. Bruno then became part of the act and was lifted up into the air and spun around. As Bruno got back to the floor, he looked visibly shaken.

As the judges gave their feedback, Bruno said: “It worked for me! It’s a bit scary - and I thought that anyway. Every time you were spinning around, I thought she was going to crash. I found it very scary and very dramatic.” But Bruno went on to say he enjoyed it nonetheless.

As the moment played out during the live semi-finals, one viewer commented: “I’m SCREAMING they gave him no choice and just flung him round and round. Should’ve done it to Simon #BrtainsGotTalent." Another added: “Poor Bruno getting spun around like a washing machine against his will #BGT."

Ant and Dec
Ant and Dec have been preesnting the 2024 semi-finals -Credit:ITV

A third joked: “I think Bruno should win #BritainsGotTalent." A fourth wasn’t so sure Bruno didn't get fair warning and said: “Tonioli pretending he’s forgotten what they rehearsed this afternoon… #BGT."